Valve Technology

Kalsi Engineering is a critical developer of valve and actuator technology used in US and international Nuclear power plants to determine operational readiness of safety related valves. Kalsi Engineering’s involvement included being the primary model developer of the EPRI PPM high flow gate model and butterfly valve model. Kalsi Engineering has further incorporated these models into our KVAP®; software.

Our continuous involvement with valve technology has resulted in the development of reliable analytical models, design improvements, and innovative solutions to persistent valve/actuator problems that have defied the industry for decades. Our expertise spans from the conceptual stage through detail design, analysis, prototype development, testing, manufacturing; troubleshooting; and root cause analysis of valve and actuator problems.

Valve and Plant Service

Kalsi Engineering provides the following valve and plant services:

Valve Engineering Capabilities

Kalsi Engineering provides the following additional services:

  • Valve research and development
  • Valve failure analysis
  • New valve designs for demanding applications
  • Valve and actuator mechanical testing
  • Flow loop testing
  • Qualification of valve designs to meet structural and performance specifications
  • Analytical models to predict valve performance under conditions difficult/expensive to test
  • Flow Testing and CFD to Determine Disc Shape Effects
  • Valve/actuator design modifications
  • Valve analysis per ASME and API code requirements
  • Plant-wide application reviews and development of preventive maintenance programs

Valve Engineering Examples

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Kalsi Engineering has been a world leader in valve technology for over 40 years. Contact our friendly engineering staff to learn how our valve knowledge and technology can improve the reliability and efficiency of your plant.