Dynamic Modeling

Kalsi Engineering, Inc (KEI)™ has extensive experience in developing custom dynamic models and using rigid body dynamic model solvers (e.g., SOLIDWORKS Motion Study and ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics) to address challenging engineering problems. KEI utilizes dynamic models to predict impact velocities, closing time, and/or disk oscillation frequencies. Dynamic models, coupled with system thermal-hydraulic models, produce an integrated model of the fluid-structure interaction.


Kalsi Engineering provides the following dynamic modeling services:

  • Develop project specific dynamic model based on kinematic relationships
  • Couple dynamic and thermal-fluid models to predict component and system response
  • Configure rigid-body dynamic models in SOLIDWORKS Motion and ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics

Past Projects

  • Closing time and disk impact velocity assessment of main steam line isolation valve and main steam line check valve under pipe break condition.
  • Closing time and disk velocity of a butterfly valve disk subject to self-closing due to hydrodynamic torque after experiencing disk-to-shaft separation.
  • Closing time and operating margin assessment of an air-operated butterfly valve installed in a containment purge application and subjected to blowdown conditions.
  • Opening and closing stroke analysis of a main steam safety relief valve that was damaged due to fretting/sliding wear.
  • Dynamic modeling of safety relief valve oscillation due to pressure fluctuations.
  • Closing requirements of gate valves under high energy line break conditions that can results in the gate tipping within the guides or seat clearance, which can lead to damage and a significant increase in closing requirements.  The gate closing model is integrated into the KVAP® software.