Oilfield Engineering Consulting

To produce oil and gas, and supply the end products to customers as efficiently and cheaply as possible, the petroleum industry relies heavily on continuing technological advances. Kalsi Engineering, Inc. has made significant contributions toward this progress by providing comprehensive oilfield consulting services. Our staff of highly experienced and accomplished engineering specialists has developed practical and cost-effective solutions for mechanical engineering problems in the oilfield industry, implementing mechanical and design analysis services highlighted below:

  • Analytical Services: Kalsi Engineering, Inc. provides state-of-the-art analysis and performance testing services for the oilfield industry, ensuring equipment functions appropriately to deliver consistent results.
  • Design Services: Kalsi Engineering, Inc. serves oilfield industry businesses by developing innovative designs for a variety of mechanical equipment used in the industry. We have worked on downhole tools, wellhead and drilling equipment, pressure vessels and piping components, catalytic reactor vessels, heat exchangers, valves and pumps.

Kalsi Engineering, Inc. has provided engineering consulting services to a wide variety of clients in and out of the oilfield services industry, including several multiple-client and joint-industry group projects. A few examples of our work include:

  • Innovative rotary seal designs for oilfield drilling motors, advanced rotary steerable systems, high-pressure rotary control devices, and other oilfield seal applications
  • Measurement-while-drilling mud pulse telemetry valves, turbines, and sensors
  • High-pressure, high-speed washpipes for use in drilling and coring swivels
  • JarPro™, a jarring analysis software, to optimize jarring tool placement
  • PulsTran, a hydraulic pressure pulse transmission software
  • Analysis and performance testing of API rotary shouldered, casing, and tubular connections
  • Development of a novel thread form and connection geometry for a high fatigue strength tool joint
  • Analysis and elimination of leakage problems in heat exchanger flanges due to mechanical and thermal distortions under piping loads and moments
  • Stress analysis of reactor pressure vessels and flanges; buckling analysis of elliptical heads under external pressure to increase operating pressure limits
  • FEA and CFD analyses of valves and piping in high-temperature flue gas and catalytic converter applications to eliminate disc binding and erosion life problems

Recognized worldwide among oilfield consulting companies for our technical excellence and outstanding background, Kalsi Engineering, Inc. can help your organization in the areas of research and development, analysis, design and testing of mechanical equipment and structures. Our services are also accessible, with our facilities located in Sugar Land, Texas, just outside of Houston and minutes away from the airports.

If you need an engineering consultant for your next oilfield engineering project, trust Kalsi Engineering, Inc. for quality.

Contact us today to learn more about our consulting services for the oilfield and petrochemical industries and see how one of the best oilfield consulting firms in Texas can help your organization achieve greater results.