Motor-Operated Valve Technology and Services

Motor-Operated Valve Technology and Services

solutions to industry MOV problems

Kalsi Engineering provides comprehensive, industry-leading motor-operated valve (MOV) technology and services. For over 35 years Kalsi has developed and deployed value-added solutions to industry MOV problems including actuator thrust and torque rating extensions and cycle life evaluations, and, as a primary model developer for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) MOV Performance Prediction Program, NRC-approved methods to determine operating requirements for gate, globe, and quarter-turn valves. Other MOV services include design-basis reviews and engineering evaluations to determine actuator torque and thrust output capability predictions, valve operating requirements, and actuator-to-valve interface capability.

Technology & Services

MOV Services

Kalsi Engineering technologies and services include:

  • KVAP® Software to evaluate actuator output capability and valve operating requirements.
  • LiFE® Software to evaluate Limitorque actuator cycle life at extended operating torque and thrust.
  • Motor-actuator torque test stand to determine actuator torque output and operational readiness.
  • Design-basis reviews to define valve and actuator operating requirements and conditions.
  • MOV Program development, reviews, and program augmentation services.
  • NRC Generic Letters 89-10, 96-05, and 95-07 calculation and program augmentation services.
  • ASME OM Code Mandatory Appendix III reviews and program augmentation services.
  • Actuator qualification or qualification extension per IEEE-323, IEEE-344, and IEEE-382.
  • Commercial grade dedication (CGD) support for actuator, valves, and components.
  • Valve classification under Joint Owners’ Group (JOG) MOV Periodic Verification (PV) criteria.
  • Design basis verification flow loop testing and calculations.
  • Valve requirement calculations using EPRI MOV Performance Prediction Method (PPM) software.
  • MOV fundamentals training.

Past Projects

MOV past projects
  • Limitorque life extension
  • EPRI gate valve model development and design effects testing
  • Actuator product line IEEE qualification testing
  • Implementation guide for ASME OM Code Appendix III
  • Modal frequency analysis of MOV assembly
  • EPRI Gate Valve Thermal Binding-Pressure Locking method

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