Analytical Services

The Kalsi Engineering staff has extensive experience in applying state-of-the-art analysis techniques to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients’ problems. We follow a rigorous approach in developing mathematical models based on first principles as well as in applying finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), and thermal-structural analyses to model and solve complex problems.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Kalsi Engineering has the technical capability to perform a wide range of Finite Element Analyses. Kalsi Engineering personnel integrate core principles in structural mechanics, fatigue analysis, and fracture mechanics with state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis software to ensure reliable results are achieved.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Kalsi Engineering is capable of modeling internal and external flows of a single or two-phase medium. We have integrated personnel with core understanding of fundamental fluid mechanics, compressible flow, viscous flow, boundary layer, and potential flow with industry leading CFD software to help you converge quickly on your CFD predictions.

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)

Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) is an analysis involving the coupled response of a structure to flowing fluid. FSI analyses require sophisticated computer resources, state-of-the-art software, and a superior engineering work force. All three are available at Kalsi Engineering.

Coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis

Thermal loads can distort a component, increase stress values, and lead to failures. A coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis requires sound understanding of heat transfer and structural mechanics. Both are key strengths at Kalsi Engineering.