Check Valve Technology and Services

check valve technology and services

Kalsi Engineering has been an industry leader in check valve technology and services. Kalsi Engineering is the first company to apply tribological principles to evaluate wear and fatigue of check valves. Our company has been selected to author many check valve related industry documents and to lead check valve test programs for organizations such as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Nuclear Industry Check Valve Group (NIC). Other check valve services include program evaluations, root-cause failure analysis, and training courses.

Technology & Services

check valve under various operating conditions
  • CVAP® (Check Valve Analysis and Prioritization) software to predict disc stability, hinge pin wear, and disc stud fatigue of check valves under various operating conditions.  This software has been validated by flow loop testing.
  • COMMAND (Condition Monitoring Management Database) software organizes a plant’s check valve program and comprehensively meets the documentation and trending requirements of the ASME OM Code Mandatory Appendix II.
  • Check valve application reviews that meet the requirements of INPO SOER 86-03 and ASME OM Code Mandatory Appendix II.
  • Check valve fundamentals training
  • Root causes analysis
  • Wear and fatigue prediction under in-plant conditions
  • Flow loop testing to determine Cv, Fl, and disc stability

Past Projects

past check valve projects
  • Check valve application review of program check valves
  • Wear and fatigue evaluations of check valves
  • Non-intrusive diagnostic evaluation of check valves using KEI™ flow loop
  • EPRI Check Valve Evaluation Guides
  • Determination on minimum velocity required to fully open the valve and validation through flow loop testing
  • Root cause evaluation of check valve that failed to close and determination of optimum disc opening angle
  • Recommend design changes to extend wear life and eliminate fatigue in swing check valves
  • Recommend design changes to implement soft-seat check valves to avoid disc chatter