Custom Designed Test Fixtures

High pressure, high temperature autoclave

Kalsi Engineering, Inc. (KEI) specializes in designing custom test fixtures. Our design team is composed of engineers and technicians of diverse background and experience. Many of our engineers have deep roots in design formed from working for valve manufactures and oil and gas equipment manufactures. Our design team frequently supports US and international nuclear power plants, which often require compliance with strict regulations and design standards like those imposed by US NRC Regulations Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50 and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Sections III and VIII.

The KEI design team is supported by KEI experts in instrumentation, controls and vibration, software development, solid mechanics, fatigue, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and tribology. Our team’s experience and innovative spirit have enabled them to take on challenging design projects, apply sound engineering practices to overcome challenges, and ultimately succeed in developing fixtures that exceed our customer’s expectations.

The KEI design team’s success stories include a diverse assortment of internal and customer-driven projects. Some of these projects include the following fixtures:

  • Power-operated actuator test stands (for pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuators)
  • Journal bearing friction and wear test fixture
  • Quarter-turn bearing test fixtures
  • Check valve wear test fixture
  • Quarter-turn valve flow test fixture
  • Rotary seal test fixture with variable water chemistry and total suspended solids
  • High pressure, high temperature flow loop to measure required torque in a ball valve
  • High pressure, high temperature down-hole-simulator for testing rotary seals
  • Wear and erosion simulator for testing liner hanger
  • Side-Port Swivel (i.e., Rotary Union) test fixture
  • Thread friction and stem factor test fixture for power threads
  • High-energy line break simulator test fixture for gate valves
  • Actuator gear fatigue life test fixture
  • High pressure, high temperature test fixture for ferrule fittings
  • Actuator environmental qualification and cycle aging test fixture

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