JOG MOV PV Implementation — KEI Valve Engineering

KEI Can Provide Assistance For:

  • JOG MOV PV Program Implementation
  • Flashing/nonflashing determination for globe valves
  • Valve classification
  • Margin improvement options for Class B and C valves
  • PV Qualification Basis approaches for Class D valves
  • Valve analysis using JOG MOV PV, EPRI PPM or KEI methods
  • Analysis of in-plant test data
  • Flow loop or laboratory testing support

KEI Can Perform Calculations Using EPRI PPM Software Analysis

  • KEI staff is trained and experienced on the use and limitations of the EPRI PPM software
  • KEI was one of the principal contributors to the EPRI PPM methodology

KEI Can Perform Calculations Using KVAP Software

  • Analyze quarter-turn valves with position specific accuracy to improve JOG MOV PV margin
  • Analyze other common valve types to establish requirements and to develop input for the JOG MOV PV

LiFE Software Analysis Allows the User to:

  • Analyze thrust and/or torque capability above manufacturer’s ratings to obtain more operating margin.
  • Obtain a more accurate cost-justification analysis for actuator replacement versus limited operating cycles with existing actuator.

KEI Actuator Test Stand Allows the User to:

  • Accurately quantify actuator normal and reduced voltage torque capability to obtain more operating margin.
  • Perform pre-test new or rebuilt actuators prior to field installation to ensure predicted margin exists and to eliminate costly rework.