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A 200-hour test of 10-1/2” RCD Seals at 100 rpm and 2,300 psi


We test our RCD seals in a variety of conditions, to ensure that our customers can meet their goals for the dynamic pressure rating test established by API Specification 16RCD (Specification for Drill Through Equipment—Rotating Control Devices). Since we are conducting full-scale tests, we are also learning useful things about implementing RCD seals in large diameter equipment. Our most

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Consulting Engineering Services

Kalsi Engineering, Inc., a high technology firm, was founded in 1978 to provide consulting engineering services in the areas of research and development, design, analysis, and testing of mechanical equipment and structures. Our facilities are located in Sugar Land, Texas, approximately 17 miles from downtown Houston and easily accessible from the airports.
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Our Clients

Kalsi Engineering has a diversified client base that includes equipment manufacturers, oilfield service companies, petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, aerospace engineering companies, architect/engineers, industry research organizations, and government agencies. In addition to serving individual clients, we have successfully completed many joint-industry group-sponsored projects.
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Our Products

In addition to providing consulting engineering services, Kalsi Engineering offers rotary seal and software product lines that were originally developed to solve difficult problems associated with energy production. Our patented rotary seals are the result of our pioneering research in hydrodynamic lubrication.
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