Torque and Thrust MOV Test Stand

Kalsi Engineering worked with nuclear power plant engineers and technicians to design and build the first Torque and Thrust MOV Test Stand for motor-operated valves (MOVs).  The Torque and Thrust MOV Test Stand is capable of providing a torque range of 12.5 to 3,600 ft-lb and a push/pull thrust range of 0 to 75,000 lbf.

The Torque and Thrust MOV Actuator Test Stand provides technicians with an efficient way to set and verify torque output and confirm functionality of MOV actuators prior to installing the actuators in the field. The MOV test stand is used to accurately evaluate the following actuator parameters:

  • Verify torque switch settings under simulated drive loads
  • Confirm bearing efficiency by monitoring the torque output over a range of applied drive loads
  • Verify the actuator capability under locked rotor (i.e., stall) conditions.
  • Confirm actuator gear efficiency by monitoring the actuator torque and motor torque output (requires optional motor dynamometer)

Verifying the actuator performance prior to service helps eliminate expensive damage to MOVs.

Figure 1 Torque and Thrust Test Bench (left), Control Cabinet (center), and Power Supply Cabinet (right)
Figure 1
Torque and Thrust Test Bench (left), Control Cabinet (center), and Power Supply Cabinet (right)


Test Stand Controls

The torque generated by the test stand is controlled by the control cabinet. The torque output is based on user-defined test criteria. The control cabinet provides a touch screen interface that allows the operator to set the max torque value and the ramp rate to be applied to the actuator. The control cabinet provide the user with test stand configuration information, including identification of the required actuator mounting plate and shaft adapters, based on the test specimen selected by the user.

Instrumentation and Test Measurement

The test stand can be instrumented to measure the following parameters:

  • Actuator drive torque (applied by the test stand)
  • Actuator drive speed
  • Actuator drive thrust (applied by the test stand)
  • Torque switch spring pack displacement
  • Motor shaft torque
  • Motor drive speed

More detailed information on the Torque and Thrust MOV Test Stand is available here.

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