Listing of Relevant Root-cause Investigations to support FMEAs in Nuclear Power Plants

Failure Analysis of Swing Check Valves at San Onofre Nuclear Generation Site Unit 1
Root-cause Analysis and Solution for a 4-Inch Dick Check Valve Chatter
Root Cause Investigation of Main Steam Safety Valve (Crosby) Problems – SONGS 2 & 3
Review and Recommendations on Stem Leakage Problems in the Pressurizer Spray Valves at San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station, Unit 2.
Independent Review and Analysis of Operability Failure Problems and Proposed Modifications for the Safety Injection System Valves at San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station, Unit 1
Root Cause Analysis of MSIV Gate Guide Failure – Waterford 3.
Root Cause Analysis of Dresser MSSV Failures at Davis Besse
Root Cause Analysis and Proposed Solutions to Eliminate Flange Leakage w/Stainless Steel Slip-On Flanges for E300 A, B, C Heat Exchangers
Root Cause Analysis for the Failure of a 43″ Hi-Temperature Butterfly Valve to Unseat Under Design Basis Conditions
Root Cause Investigation of Spend Fuel Pool Cooling Pump B Under Performance
Root Cause Analysis for 2.5″ Velan Globe Valve (RC-2) Motor Failures at Davis Besse
Analysis to Improve Performance of Feedwater Lift Check Valves at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
Root Cause Analysis of 1-inch Valcor Solenoid Valves that Failed to Open/Close for Catawba Nuclear Station
Root Cause Analysis of 3/8″ Anchor Darling Globe Valves that Failed to Close at Waterford 3
Root Cause Investigation of HDT Mechanical Seal Failure at Ginna Nuclear Power Plant
Root Cause Evaluation of Condenser Butterfly MOV Problems at Ft. Calhoun Station, Unit 1
Root Cause Analysis of Wear in Titanium Wafer Check Valves for Dow Chemical
Independent Review of High Packing Load Issues Related to CK-ES3181 and CK-ES3166 Check Valves for Palasaides NPS
Root Cause Analysis & Recommendations to Address 1-Inch, 15 ksi Valve Seal Failures
Root Cause Investigation for the Loss of Disc Pins from Fisher 28-inch Butterfly MOVs at SONGS
Root Cause Failure Analysis of 24-Inch Double Disc Valve at Turkey Point-FP&L
KORI 3 & 4 Safety Injection Westinghouse Swing Check Valve Root Cause Analysis
YGN 1 & 2 Safety Injection Westinghouse Swing Check Valve Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Evaluation & Elimination of Problems with Large Butterfly Valves in Circulating Water System at D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant
Investigation of Seat Damage of 24-Inch 900 lb. Atwood & Morrill Testable Swing Checks HV251F050A/B Installed at Susquehanna
Root Cause Investigation of Main Seat Leakage of Target Rock Vertical Discharge Safety Relief Valves Model 9876F
Root Cause Analysis for San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station 4-inch Nozzle Check Valve
Root-cause Investigation of Setpoint Drift and Pilot Seat Leakage for the 7567F Target Rock MSRV
Preliminary results for the root cause of the flow anomaly in HCV-3645 globe valve in the LPSI system at St. Lucie Plant Unit 1
Root Cause Analysis of Reactor Feedwater Check Valve Local Leak Rate Test Failures for Nebraska Public Power District
Disk Pinching/Thermal Binding Analysis for 18x16x18-Inch, Class 900 Feedwater Wedge Gate Valves, FWV-29 and FWV-30
Protocol for 8-inch Mag Sprinkler Motor Operated Ball Valve Root Cause Analysis
Assessment of a 10-inch Copes Vulcan, Pilot Balanced Globe Valve at St. Lucie Plant, Steam Dump System
Review of 24-Iinch ANSI 900 AES Steam Blow Valve Problems & Recommendations
Analysis of MSIV Spindle and Pin Failure at St. Lucie Unit 1 To Support the Root Cause Investigation
Apparent Cause Evaluation Review for Circulating Water Pump CW-P-1A
Root cause investigation of Main Seat Overlay Cracks in the Target Rock Vertical Discharge MSRVs at Limerick
Evaluation of Condition Monitoring Methods for Steam Turbine Valves – Phase 1 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.
Root Cause Investigation of the Fluttering Problems of the 84-inch Butterfly Valves in the Circulation Water System – STP
Analysis of Branch-Pipe Pressure Pulsations on Target Rock Model 0867F-001 SRV Pilot Leakage at Hatch Unit 1
Root Cause of Cavitation and Seat Leakage Problems of the ACC Heat Exchanger Outlet Control AOVs ACC 126A and ACC 126B at Waterford 3