High Capacity Quarter-turn Actuator Test Stand

High Capacity Quarter-turn Actuator Test Stand

Kalsi Engineering (KEI) specializes in designing, manufacturing, and assembling high capacity quarter turn actuator test stands. The high capacity test stand shown in Figure 1 can generate 50,000 ft-lbf of torque. KEI designed this specific test stand based on a customer’s need to verify torque output capability after actuator refurbishment. These test stands are used around the world to help maintain safe operation of key quarter turn valves. The actuator test stand can be sold as a standalone unit that integrates with customer’s existing test processes or can be sold with KEI software and accessories that are tailor fit to customer needs.

Test Stand

The test stand can be used with motor-operated, air-operated, and hydraulically-operated actuators. Within the existing footprint, the test stand can be configured with eight brake calipers, four acting on each rotor. The large rotors’ diameter and calipers provide high torque capacity while maintaining low rotating inertia.  The maximum brake torque is controlled by energizing the appropriate solenoid valves that control the appropriate combination of calipers. The running torque and torque ramp profile are controlled by regulating the pressure to the calipers.

The brake control logic is available as either an open or closed loop system. The open loop system consists of a set of manual switches that control solenoid valves operating the calipers and a manual voltage regulator that is used to the set pressure of the electronic regulator.  A closed loop system is available that uses the feedback signal from the torque cell to adjust the pressure regulator to achieve the desired target reaction torque to the actuator.

Figure 1 High capacity, quarter-turn test stand can generate 50,000 ft-lbf of torque.
Figure 1
High capacity, quarter-turn test stand can generate 50,000 ft-lbf of torque.


Software and Test Controls

KEI can provide test stand software and controls that control the torque bench and assess actuator performance. KEI has extensive background and experiences in developing and codifying test protocols and test acceptance reviews that provide an end-to-end assessment of actuator performance. The test stand software and controls can be developed to perform actuator endurance testing, verify rated torque, or set torque switches. The software and test stand controls can be designed  to provide either simple basic user-controls or to provide a fully automated test platform that logs technician, actuator serial number, performs an actuator acceptance review, and stores all test parameters to a SQL database on your network.

Instrumentation and Test Measurement

The test stand can be instrumented to measure the following parameters:

  • Actuator output torque
  • Actuator position
  • Actuator shaft speed
  • Actuator pressure (pneumatic and hydraulic actuators)
  • Torque switch spring pack displacement (motor-operated actuators)
  • Voltage, current, frequency, and power factor (motor-operated actuators)

Power Cabinets and Other Accessories

KEI routinely works with customers to develop specifications for power supply equipment and other test accessories. Power supplies can be designed to provide DC, single phase AC, split-phase AC, or three-phase AC power. The software, test stand controls, and power supplies can be integrated to provide the user with a platform to control voltage, frequency, and user-defined levels of harmonic distortion. The power cabinet can be designed to include a wide array of voltage, current, and frequency measurement equipment.

KEI can integrate a wide variety of accessories to streamline your test process. KEI can integrate our components and software with touch screen monitors, barcode scanners, Human Interface Device (HID) card reader to identify test technician, emergency stop devices, and other test process and specimen related equipment at customer’s facility.

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