Relief valve litigation support

Kalsi Engineering offers relief valve litigation support.

We provide relief valve litigation support services, research and development, design, mechanical design analysis, and testing.

Kalsi Engineering, Inc., a high technology firm, was founded by Dr. M.S. Kalsi in 1978 to provide consulting engineering services in the areas below:

Kalsi Engineering has a diversified client base that includes equipment manufacturers, oilfield service companies, petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, aerospace engineering companies, architect/engineers, industry research organizations, legal firms, and government agencies.

Visit our Kalsi Engineering Introduction and Valve Products and Services Literature pages for more information.

Our relief valve litigation support work occurs at our main facility which is located in Sugar Land, Texas, approximately 17 miles from downtown Houston and easily accessible from both airports. Click here for a map. Kalsi Engineering also has a satellite office near Charlotte, North Carolina.  This office provides engineering consulting services to the power industry. The engineering personnel in this office have operations and engineering power plant experience along with A&E and mechanical equipment OEM backgrounds.

Our laboratory in Sugar Land is used for various types of mechanical testing, and includes digital data acquisition systems, instrumentation, and transducers for pressure, flow, shock, vibration, temperature, and strain gage measurement.

Our flow loop facility is designed to allow convenient simulation of various upstream and downstream piping configurations encountered in typical valve installations, and is capable of delivering 2,700 gpm and 270 psig water flow. The flow loop has been used to perform thousands of tests on nuclear and commercial check valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and plug valves. It is also used to perform basic function testing of oilfield downhole drilling tools.

Kalsi Engineering has developed and supports many software packages to address the needs of various industries.  For the Nuclear Industry, two of the most popular packages are CVAP® and KVAP®.  CVAP is a validated program to predict wear/fatigue of valve internals and to prioritize check valve maintenance.  KVAP is a state-of-the-art computer program for evaluating all common types of valves and actuators used in AOV & MOV applications.

Our staff has an outstanding background and record of accomplishments in developing practical and cost-effective solutions to mechanical engineering problems in a wide range of applications across many industries.

Our organization is recognized worldwide for our technical excellence and relief valve litigation support. The numerous industry milestones, guidelines, technical publications, new products, and patents that have resulted from our work continue to provide long-term benefits to our clients.

Kalsi Engineering regularly posts new blogs discussing our latest testing results and technical advancements. Our latest blogs and information on our relief valve litigation support work can be found on our website.

Contact our engineering staff to discuss your relief valve litigation support needs.

The quality of our relief valve litigation support is maintained through documented quality practices.  Most nuclear safety related work is performed under our rigorous 10CFR50 Appendix B quality program.

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