Rotary Seal Blog

Blogging is a way for Kalsi Engineering to provide up to date information more quickly than we can through traditional information channels like our seal handbook and static web pages. Here you will learn how we are working to solve industry problems through posts about new rotary seal products and posts about testing directed at specific industry problems and applications. You will also learn about the people who make it all happen, as we highlight the achievements and milestones in their lives. Visit our blog for the latest information on Kalsi-brand rotary seals and other Kalsi Engineering products and services.

Another improvement in high pressure rotary sealing

Kalsi Engineering, Inc. has increased the reliability of extreme high pressure rotary sealing by improving the extrusion resistance of the force balancing seals used with Kalsi proprietary floating backup rings. […]

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Testing RCD seals to collect leakage data

Introduction to the test fixture As described in previous blogs, Kalsi Engineering has a 10.50” fixture for testing full scale RCD seals. This helps to avoid scaling issues that may […]

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