Machine vision metrology for Kalsi-brand rotary seals

In our ongoing effort to continually improve our processes, Kalsi Engineering has invested in a new non-contacting automated machine vision measurement system. This new high-precision inspection machine will be used for dimensional inspection of our rotary shaft seal product line. By using a non-contacting inspection process, we will be able to avoid the elastomer deflection-related errors that occur with contact-based dimensional inspection. We will also have a much-improved ability to inspect seal inside diameter. Over time, the resulting inspection statistics will provide a better understanding of elastomer molding shrinkage characteristics, ultimately allowing better control of important seal dimensions.

The new computer-controlled machine measurement system is equipped with a high-resolution color camera with up to 540X zoom, and has a 650 x 680mm (25.5 x 26.7”) measurement range. This exceptionally large measurement range will allow us to inspect the largest diameter rotary seals we presently manufacture.

Inspecting Kalsi-brand rotary shaft seals with our new non-contacting machine vision inspection system.