Rotary Seal Blog

Blogging is a way for Kalsi Engineering to provide up to date information more quickly than we can through traditional information channels like our seal handbook and static web pages. Here you will learn how we are working to solve industry problems through posts about new rotary seal products and posts about testing directed at specific industry problems and applications. You will also learn about the people who make it all happen, as we highlight the achievements and milestones in their lives. Visit our blog for the latest information on Kalsi-brand rotary seals and other Kalsi Engineering products and services.

Another extreme high-pressure rotary seal test

Kalsi Engineering continues to perform high-pressure rotary seal tests directed at increasing the operating life of high-pressure rotary swivels. Such equipment includes washpipe assemblies, cement swivels, hydraulic swivels, rotating control […]

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Early Butterfly Valve Testing with Incompressible Flow

Kalsi Engineering (KEI) conducted a water flow test program for butterfly valves for the nuclear industry as part of the EPRI Performance Prediction Methodology (PPM) between 1993 and 1994. The […]

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A new seal arrangement for RCDs

We have completed separate effects testing of the key components of a new rotary seal arrangement that enables rotary control devices (RCDs) to operate without the aid of an external […]

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KEI Flow Loop Upgrade

KEI is committed to providing superb engineering services to our valued customers. In early 2021 KEI will complete an upgrade to our flow loop that will allow us to expand […]

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Testing BDRP Seals for high pressure hydraulic swivel service

Introduction to BDRP swivel seals BDRP seals (Bi-Directional Rotation and Pressure) are patented rotary seals engineered to generate hydrodynamic lubrication with high differential pressure acting from either side and with […]

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BDRP Seals™ for the fluid power industry

  Introduction BDRP Seals are featured in the September 17, 2020 “Fluid Power Journal” article “Kalsi Engineering Releases New Class of High-Pressure Seals”. The article focuses on the pressure and […]

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