Rotary Seal Blog

Blogging is a way for Kalsi Engineering to provide up to date information more quickly than we can through traditional information channels like our seal handbook and static web pages. Here you will learn how we are working to solve industry problems through posts about new rotary seal products and posts about testing directed at specific industry problems and applications. You will also learn about the people who make it all happen, as we highlight the achievements and milestones in their lives. Visit our blog for the latest information on Kalsi-brand rotary seals and other Kalsi Engineering products and services.

RCD seals that do not require lubricant overpressure

Kalsi Seals-brand rotary seals have been used in rotating control devices (RCDs) for many years. Prior to this year, however, usage has been restricted to lubricant overpressure type RCDs, where the lubricant supply provides seal lubricant at a pressure that is several hundred psi greater than the pressure of the wellbore. A pair of Kalsi […]

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Plastic Lined Kalsi Seals™ reduce breakout torque at 1,000 psi

Some large diameter equipment, such as hydraulic swivels and passive rotating control devices (RCDs), has limited available torque to initiate rotation. When limited available torque is combined with higher pressure sealing requirements, rotary seal breakout torque can exceed available torque. Kalsi Engineering has developed and tested two technologies that significantly reduce the breakout torque of […]

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Choosing the right seal material

Introduction Most Kalsi-brand rotary seals are offered in a choice of materials with no single material being appropriate for all applications. Material selection often involves tradeoffs. Understanding the basic attributes of the materials we offer is the first step to selecting an appropriate seal material for your application. Our seal materials are identified by a […]

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