The addition of Mrs. Indira Grimes to the engineering staff

Kalsi Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of Mrs. Indira Grimes to our engineering staff. Mrs. Grimes grew up in the Houston area where she attended Robert E. Lee High School. After high school, Mrs. Grimes began her studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas. She completed her studies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, receiving, with distinction, her B.S.M.E. in June of 1993, along with her Engineer in Training certificate. While at the University of Texas, Mrs. Grimes worked as a summer intern at Kalsi Engineering performing flow loop testing on valves, compression set testing of various elastomeric seal materials, and creating finite element models of the Kalsi-brand rotary seal product line.

She began her professional career with Andersen Windows in the Research and Development department. During her four years with Andersen, she helped design and implement the manufacture of the Renewal replacement window product line and did several product upgrades on sliding doors and casement windows.

Mrs. Grimes next moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where she worked for Corning in their optical fiber plant. There she spent two years as a manufacturing engineer improving ergonomics and troubleshooting equipment issues followed by one year in the quality department working on various teams to ensure the products were meeting the rigid quality requirements.

A downturn in the market provided Mrs. Grimes the opportunity to pursue a long time interest in becoming a teacher. To reach this goal, Mrs. Grimes was required to complete undergraduate coursework in the College of Education at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. With these studies, she obtained her teaching license and began a nine-year teaching career. She began her new career teaching 8th grade math and algebra at Williston Middle School. After one year at Williston Middle School, she moved to the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry, a charter school, where she taught 8th grade math, science and algebra for six years. Her final two years were spent at Laney High School teaching engineering drafting. During this time, she did much more than just teach drafting. The curriculum included teaching the engineering process, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping.

Mrs. Grimes returned to Kalsi Engineering in June of this year. In the short time since her return, she has performed finite element analysis of Enhanced Lubrication™ Kalsi-brand rotary seals and a high pressure washpipe assembly designed by Kalsi Engineering. This equipment incorporates three pieces of patented or patent pending Kalsi Engineering technology: the high pressure metal floating backup ring arrangement, and the Plastic Lined™ and the Extra Wide Enhanced Lubrication™ Kalsi-brand rotary seals.

Indira continues to live in Wilmington, North Carolina, with her husband and four children. She travels to our Sugar Land office every other week.

Mrs. Indira Grimes at the Kalsi Engineering offices in Sugar Land, Texas.
Mrs. Indira Grimes at the Kalsi Engineering offices in Sugar Land, Texas.