Hi-Performance Power Swivel Packing

Designed for Increased Pressures and Speeds

Hi-Performance Power Swivel Packing Rings

Kalsi Engineering’s high-performance power swivel packing was created for the increased pressures and speeds that are encountered in modern oilfield operations. The packing rings incorporate patented hydrodynamic inlets that deliver cooler operation and improved life by lubricating the dynamic sealing interface. This means less power swivel downtime, and not as many messes to clean up due to high pressure operating conditions.

Our high-performance packing rings are interchangeable with conventional power swivel packing. Click here here to see the currently available sizes. Other sizes can be produced upon request. Depending on the initial order quantity, new packing ring sizes may require a one-time tooling fee. Contact our engineering staff for information on the best assembly and greasing practices, and for tips on spacer design. For ordering information, click here.

To accommodate even higher speeds and pressures, please consider using a Kalsi-designed hydrodynamic washpipe assembly, which uses our patented floating backup ring technology.