Larger Cross-section Wide Footprint Seals™

The 0.425” cross-section seal is shown on the left, and the 0.345” cross-section seal is shown on the right. The larger cross-section results in more dimensional compression at the same percentage compression as the smaller seal. This improves accommodation of mandrel deflection and runout.

The original Wide Footprint Kalsi Seal™ was designed as a mud motor seal that would be interchangeable with 0.335” cross-section Standard Kalsi Seals™. The result was a seal that has 0.010” (38%) more radial compression, which is beneficial in applications like mud motor sealed bearing assemblies, which have significant mandrel runout and deflection. When this increased compression was combined with the 50% wider dynamic lip, the result was more sacrificial material to deal with various wear mechanisms, compared to the older Standard Kalsi Seals. We also upgraded the Wide Footprint product line to the more efficient zigzag-based hydrodynamic inlet, which provides improved interfacial lubrication, compared to the original sine wave pattern.

For those sealed bearing mud motor assemblies and rotary steerable systems with sufficient housing thickness, we now offer a larger cross-section Wide Footprint Seal™, which is shown on the left-hand side of the figure on this page. The larger 0.425” cross-section provides 0.017” (65%) more compression than the 0.335” cross-section Standard Kalsi Seal™ when used in a 0.382” radial gland depth. It also provides 0.007” (19.4%) more compression than the 0.345” cross-section Wide Footprint Seal, without increasing the percentage of compression over that of the 0.345” cross-section. The increased dimensional compression helps the seal to better-accommodate mandrel runout and deflection. The larger diameter and surface area of the static lip help to reduce circumferential slippage relative to the groove bore. Cross-sections as large as 0.450” have been manufactured.

For available sizes of large cross-section wide footprint seals, see our shaft seal catalog. Additional seal sizes can be furnished, subject to a one-time tooling charge to help defray associated engineering, machining, and setup expenses. Seal purchase orders and requests for quote should be sent to the attention of Seal Sales via e-mail, or by fax at 281-240-0255.

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