Kalsi Engineering Turns 45 on September 5, 2023!

Kalsi Engineering, Inc., (KEI) a high technology firm, was founded by Dr. M.S. Kalsi in 1978 to provide consulting engineering services in the areas of research and development, design, analysis, and testing of mechanical equipment and structures.

The company began by providing valve design and analysis services to major corporations, which is now our Consulting Division. The second division of the company began a few years later, our Seals Division. It was born out of Dr. Kalsi’s research in the hydrodynamic lubrication of rotary seals. This research earned him a Master’s degree and PhD from the University of Houston, and the insights he pioneered during this research enabled him and his team to develop a hydrodynamic rotary seal that was well-suited for challenging applications like downhole drilling. To this day we still have the Consulting and Seals Divisions.

Our facilities are located in Sugar Land, Texas, approximately 17 miles from downtown Houston. Click here for a map. Our staff has an outstanding background and record of accomplishments in developing practical and cost-effective solutions to mechanical engineering problems in a wide range of applications in the power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, dredging, and mining industries.

Our organization is recognized worldwide for our technical excellence and development of innovative products and standards. Our team has 48 rotary shaft seal-related patents and 18 other patents, more than half of which are related to valves. The numerous industry milestones, guidelines, technical publications, new products, and patents that have resulted from our work continue to provide long-term benefits to our clients.

KEI has been the principal investigator for several research and development projects and development of application/maintenance guides for valves, actuators, and seals for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). KEI has also successfully completed several R&D projects under the U.S. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program for the NRC, DOD, DOE, and NASA.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and vendors who have worked with us over the past several decades and continue to work with us today. Without all of your support, we would not be here to celebrate this milestone.

Here’s to 45 years of excellence and to at least another 45 more!