High pressure seal packing

Kalsi Engineering specializes in high pressure seal packing.

We provide high pressure seal packing for service across a wide range of pressures and speeds, in abrasive and non-abrasive environments.

Kalsi Seals™ are a family of patented, one-piece rotary seal designs that provide hydrodynamic lubrication to minimize seal and shaft wear, and to accommodate high differential pressure. They are used for lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion. They were originally developed for the harsh and unforgiving oilfield downhole drilling environment and provide an effective solution to the severe service conditions found in many industries.

Kalsi Seals are installed in a housing groove and are radially compressed against a shaft. They seal statically in the same manner as other interference-type seal designs, such as O-rings. The dynamic sealing lip incorporates a wavy hydrodynamic edge on the lubricant side, and a circular exclusionary edge on the environment side. When rotation occurs, a thin lubricant film is hydrodynamically wedged into the seal-to-shaft interface by the waves. This enables higher pressure and speed combinations and longer life because the lubricating film significantly reduces wear and heat associated with dry rubbing that is typical with conventional interference-type seals. When rotation stops, the hydrodynamic lubricating action stops, and static sealing is reestablished. To better understand our unique seal designs, click here for a slow motion animation of hydrodynamic seal lubrication.

Kalsi Engineering’s facilities are located in Sugar Land, Texas, approximately 17 miles from downtown Houston and easily accessible from both the major airports. Click here for a map. Our high pressure seal packing development occurs at this facility.

Kalsi Engineering is recognized worldwide for our technical excellence and development of innovative high pressure seal packing products. The numerous industry milestones, guidelines, technical publications, new products, and patents that have resulted from our work continue to provide long-term benefits to our clients.

Our staff has an outstanding background and record of accomplishments in developing practical and enduring solutions to mechanical engineering problems in a wide range of applications in the oil field, petrochemical, defense, manufacturing, dredging, construction, and mining industries.

We provide custom seals for drilling tools, drilling mud motors, RCD’s, rock drilling machines, coring swivels, slant hole drilling swivels, power swivels, construction swivels, oilfield vacuum truck agitators, slurry mixers, oilfield roller reamers, machine tools, hydraulic swivels, side port swivels, gun drills, high pressure washpipe assemblies, submerged dredge pumps, reverse circulation drilling machines, and more.  Visit our Kalsi Seals literature page for more information about our high pressure seal packing products.

Our patented rotary seal styles address a significant variety of sealing challenges for severe service applications. Through our ISO 9001:2015 quality program, we pledge to provide products that conform to specifications, meet the requirements of intended use, and provide significant performance and cost advantage in your severe service applications.

Kalsi Engineering regularly posts new blogs discussing our latest testing results and technical advancements. Our latest blogs and information on high pressure seal packing can be found on our website.

Contact our engineering staff to discuss your high pressure seal packing needs.

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