A new video about high-pressure oil seal testing

Our new generation of high pressure rotary shaft seals is redefining the pressure capacity of high pressure rotating equipment. This video explains how we did it.

Here is a new video describing a 320-hour test of 4.500” oil seals operating at 9,500 to 9,800 psi differential pressure. The test was stopped at 320 hours because the 300-hour goal had been exceeded. At the conclusion of the test, the seals were still functional, and capable of continued operation. The pressurized fluid was an ISO 68 viscosity grade oil that was maintained at 9,500 to 9,800 psi and 100 to 120°F.

This was the inaugural test of our “Super-Wide” Plastic Lined Seals™. These seals were developed to increase the pressure capacity of applications such as washpipe assemblies and hydraulic swivels. Under the same extreme operating conditions, our previous generation oil seal only lasted approximately 120 hours. Follow-up testing of Super Wide Seals™ has confirmed their exceptional high-pressure performance.

The Super-Wide Seals™ incorporate our Enhanced Lubrication™ hydrodynamic waves. These highly engineered waves force a microscopic film of oil into the dynamic interface during rotation to reduce friction and wear, allowing cooler dynamic operation. The rotation driven hydrodynamic pumping rate during the test was about 5 ml/hour per seal.

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