Grooved Kalsi Seal Sizes

Nominal Inside Diameter for -10 and -11 Materials* Seal Part Number* Seal Radial Depth D (inches)
Seal Axial Width (inches)
Gland Depth R (inches)**
Gland Width (inches) +0.005″ -0.000″**
9.919″ 251.94 mm 311-35-* 0.560 ±0.005 0.455 ŧ ŧ
15.000″ 381.00 mm 311-40-* 0.557±0.007 0.455 ŧ ŧ
17.51″ 444.75 mm 311-2-* 0.560 ±0.005 0.455 ŧ ŧ
  • Additional sizes can be furnished, subject to a one-time tooling charge to help to defray associated engineering, machining and set-up expenses.
  • To download the current rotary seal implementation guidelines (Kalsi Seals Handbook) in PDF format, click here.
  • Seal purchase orders should be sent to the attention of Seal Sales via fax at 281-240-0255, or by e-mail.

* The complete seal part number consists of the basic part number plus the material dash number. Actual diameter varies as a function of material selected. New tooling may be required for certain materials.
** For gland details, see Chapter D5 of the Kalsi Seals Handbook.

ŧ Call 281-240-6500 for assistance.

Updated: October 2, 2017

Kalsi-brand rotary shaft seals are offered for sale under the terms and conditions of the “Offer of Sale” that is included in the current revision of the Kalsi Seals Handbook.