Filled Kalsi Seal™ Sizes

Filled Kalsi Seals™ were developed to retain lubricant in lower pressure, higher speed non-abrasive applications. The C-shaped construction of the shell allows the use of a low modulus silicone energizer that minimizes contact pressure at the seal-to-shaft interface. As with other Kalsi-brand rotary shaft seals, the Filled Kalsi Seal incorporates hydrodynamic waves that cause the seal to hydroplane on a film of lubricant when rotation occurs. This combination of features reduces running torque and seal-generated heat significantly, compared to single material Kalsi Seals.

Additional sizes can be furnished, subject to a one-time tooling charge to help to defray associated engineering, machining and set-up expenses. Seal purchase orders and requests for quote should be sent to the attention of Seal Sales via e-mail, or by fax at 281-240-0255.

Nominal Inside Diameter Seal Part Number Seal Radial Depth D (inches)
Seal Axial Width (inches)
Gland Depth R (inches)**
Gland Width (inches) +0.005″ -0.000″**
1.500″ 38.10 mm 555-1 0.335 ±0.005 0.235 0.309 0.302
2.000″ 50.80 mm 555-2 0.335 ±0.005 0.235 0.309 0.302
  • To view the current rotary seal implementation guidelines (Kalsi Seals Handbook™), click here.

** For gland details, see Chapter D5 of the Kalsi Seals Handbook.

Updated: August 11, 2020

Kalsi-brand rotary seals are offered for sale under the terms and conditions of the “Offer of Sale” that is included in the current revision of the Kalsi Seals Handbook.


Kalsi Seal inventory

Kalsi Engineering maintains a large inventory of rotary seals to meet your urgent sealing needs.