Horizontal Fixtures for Rotary Shaft Seal Testing

Kalsi Engineering uses a collection of horizontal text fixtures like this one to test rotary shaft seals.

Our horizontal test fixtures were designed with flexibility and ease of use foremost in our thoughts. These fixtures are adaptable to testing 1.375” to 5.000” rotary shaft seals. They provide the ability to evaluate the performance of various seal and mounting hardware design and material variations in a wide range of operating conditions. Tests can be performed with dynamic runout and a liquid environment. Temperature can be controlled by coolant circulation. A data acquisition system records key measurements, including rotary speed, running torque, hydrodynamic pumping related leak rate, and relevant pressures and temperatures. Meter and computer-controlled safety limits allow safe unmanned operation around the clock. Variable speed motors coupled with a broad assortment of pulley diameters allows seal testing across a wide range of rotary speeds. The routine use of a battery of these horizontal test fixtures has allowed us to develop an improved understanding of the best hardware implementation practices, such as our highly capable floating backup ring technology. It has facilitated various improvements to our rotary shaft seal product line.

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