HNBR seal material


HNBR is one of the most prevalently used elastomers in the oilfield drilling and exploration industry. It is commonly referred to as Hydrogenated Nitrile, Highly Saturated Nitrile, HSN, and Saturated Nitrile. Trade names for HNBR include Therban, Zetpol and Tornac among others.

Compared to NBR seals, HNBR seals offer superior abrasion resistance, good resistance to swelling and flex cracking, and improved temperature, chemical and compression set resistance.

HNBR is the most common material used to manufacture Kalsi-brand rotary shaft seals. Kalsi Seals are available in various hardnesses to best address the demands of your application.

Additional information about HNBR elastomeric compounds and their use can be found in Chapter B02, HNBR, of the Kalsi Seal Handbook™ or by contacting our helpful Kalsi Seals engineering team.