Celebrating Ryan Sicking’s 20 years of service with Kalsi Engineering

Kalsi Engineering recently hosted a luncheon to celebrate Ryan Sicking’s 20 years of service with the company. His many contributions to our products and services have helped to make the company successful, and his personal traits have helped to ensure a positive work environment. He is known for his ability to get things done and has long been the “go-to” guy if something absolutely, positively must get done on time. His admirable traits carry over to his personal life, which includes managing a large family with his wife Charlotte, and service to his church, scouting, and other community organizations.

Ryan joined Kalsi Engineering in 1998, having just earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University.  After joining the company, Ryan initially performed laboratory tests of our rotary shaft seals, and prepared technical drawings.  After several years with the seal group, he moved to the consulting group, where he designed fixtures and performed capability tests on check valves, air-operated valves, motor-operated valves, actuators, bearings, and other mechanical equipment.  Over the years, he has performed numerous check valve, AOV, and MOV capability evaluations using KEI’s KVAP and CVAP software, and has contributed to several industry guides related to valves.  More recently, as a senior member of the staff, he has become heavily involved in marketing, proposals, licensing, training, and customer support of KEI software products.

Thank you, Ryan for 20 years of making a positive difference to our organization and our personal lives.

A luncheon was held to honor Ryan Sicking’s 20 years of service at Kalsi Engineering.