Kalsi Tanged Seals tested at 300°F

The Kalsi Tanged Seal is excellent at excluding pressurized abrasive fluid in equipment where the seal lubricant pressure is less than the abrasive fluid pressure. We refer to this pressure condition as “reverse pressure”. Many un-tanged seals slip circumferentially in the seal groove in reverse pressure operation. The seal tangs and mating pins in the seal carrier ensure that this seal does not slip circumferentially. This seal is well suited for use in submerged gearboxes, progressive cavity pump stuffing boxes, and other equipment that subjects the rotary seal to low differential reverse pressure conditions.

We previously reported on the successful reverse pressure testing of our 701 series tanged seal at 100 and 400 psi differential pressure conditions at 162°F. We recently completed testing with 701-10-11 seals at 100 psi reverse pressure at 300°F. The objective of the testing was to evaluate the strength of the tangs at higher temperatures. In all the tests the tangs easily prevented the seal slippage and showed no signs of damage.

For additional information on implementing the Kalsi Tanged Seal see our seal gland guidelines & dimensions chapter in our seal Handbook or contact one of our experienced engineers.